Prolancepublishing, USA 2020

Prolancepublishing, USA 2020(in Amazon)

Prolancepublishing ,USA-2020 (in amazon)

Prolancepublishing, USA-2020

 Behnashr, 2020 برای دوستم 

author and illustrator, published 2019 ماهی کوچولوی سرگشته

 Atrina in Frankfort-2019  آترینا در فرانکفورت

 Atrina in Yazd  آترینا در یزد

 Atrina in Tabriz-2019  آترینا در تبریز 

Animals in the holy verses-2019 جاتنوران در آیات مقدس

Der Schmetterling(In Amazon)

The butterfly (In Amazon)

 My Name is Qur`an!

 My Name is Quran! (in amazon)


Wall newspaper-2016

Floral aroma-2016

A beautiful photo-2016

Blonde Hair Doll-2016

The marsh-2016

Hamed’s painting-2016

Flower mom-2016

Festive gift-2016

I do not want!-2016

Sparrow and Butterfly-2006

Are you my mom?-2008

Its wedding ceremony!- 2006

The Elephants and the birds-2011

The Spider-2011

The Ant-2011

Dog of cave owners-2011

The Hoope-2011


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